Friday, March 7, 2014

How to create the Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat EASILY!

This time of the year I get a lot of emails about people who want the "fastest way to lose belly fat" to prepare for beach season. Although many people say they try fat burning exercises which leave them panting for air, this is not entirely the best route to go when you only have a couple of months to prepare for the summer. The best option is to follow a simple, yet healthy and fulfilling diet which ANYONE can do!

So here it is ladies and gentlemen: The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat!

Step 1: Eat 1400 calories a day. This applies to male/female, young/old, short/tall. The government recommends 2,000 calories a day for the average United States citizen. Eating at 1400 calories gives you a deficit of  600 calories! At this rate you will lose 4200 calories/week which translates to 1.5 pounds (1 pound = 3500 calories)! 

Step 2: Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. These foods will have more "bang for your buck". You will be blasting belly fat FAST just by eating healthier foods. These are nutrient rich but low in calories, making 1400 calories seem like TOO many! 

Step 3: FIND SUPPORT! Get your family & friends to lose some belly fat! The number one way for people to stay on track for being healthy is by having other individuals to do it with them. The summer season is around the corner so enjoy the benefits with those you love! Blast the fat fast!

Step 4: Don't eat ANY sugar. Sugar triggers sensors in your brain which tell you to EAT MORE SUGAR. Obviously these senses will not help your diet and you might fall off the wagon. Next time you're feeling the need to grab a candy bar, reach for a nutrient loaded, natural sugar apple instead!

Step 5: Enjoy yourself! Losing weight can be medically beneficial along with other benefits from self image. Don't overload yourself and do too much at once. Take it easy and just think before you eat!